Who Lives in the Forest?

Enter the amazing world of forest-dwelling animals!

Deep in the forest lives a band of merry animals. Some sleep during the day, some can change their color, and others can even see in the dark! Do you know what they are? Discover the amazing abilities and unique habits of animals in this educational app that’s packed with endless hours of fun.

Who Lives in the Forest? is an app designed for young children to explore animals and science in a way that is exciting, engaging, and easy to understand. It features eight fun games based on the special characteristics of forest-dwelling animals, including how they get their food, where they live, their life-cycle, and more. A slideshow featuring lively illustrations and fun facts about each animal is another great way to create discussion and encourage further learning.

The simple interface and intuitive gameplay make this app ideal for young children, but don’t be surprised if mom or dad wants to have a go too!

8 different games exploring the unique characteristics of animals
Increasing levels of difficulty for longer playability
A slideshow featuring fun facts about each animal
More than 10 delightful characters
Beautiful original illustrations and animations
Lively soundtrack complete with fun sounds
Protected learning environment with child-locks to all external links
Easy-to-use, kid-friendly interface

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