Fairytale Maze 123

Help the characters find their happily ever afters!

Add a sprinkle of fairy dust to your favorite maze game and what do you get? A whole new journey into the magical lands from stories of old, where princes and princesses live happily ever after - but only if you can help them find their way out of the tricky twists and turns!

With each screen comes a classic fairytale retold with even more action-packed fun. No two mazes are the same - each one tells a new story. See it come alive with the heaps of interesting characters, funny animations, and beautifully illustrated landscapes. Help Pinocchio find his papa in the belly of a whale, lead the prince to Rapunzel waiting in her tower, help the three little pigs escape the big bad wolf and much more. This fairytale edition to the popular Maze 123 series includes new tasks to complete before reaching the finishing line - collect important objects in the right order and watch for a magical transformation!

Kid-friendly interface designed for small fingers
20 magical maze adventures based on all your favourite fairy tales, including: Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid, and more
Cute animations of fun characters and objects - watch them come alive as you navigate through the maze
A variety of simple to more complex mazes
A pleasant music track that can be switched on or off
Parental lock for safe playing

Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award for Excellence in Design
Parents’ Choice Recommendation Award

The New York Times, ‘Three noteworthy apps for children’

Fairytale Maze 123 is fully available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian and Danish.*
(*Language availability may vary across app stores. Please check before purchasing.)

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