We Made It on the Small Screen!

WE’RE ON TV! We were absolutely floored to see our very own Preschool Maze 123 on Swedish national television as part of a special feature on kids apps. That’s Daniel Wieselberg from PappasAppar.se - Swedish friends, be sure to check it out!

Watch the episode here.

4 Apple Picks in South Korea

Wow, day 2 of the week and what do we find? FOUR GiggleUp apps in the ‘Best for Ages 5 & Under’ category on the App Store in South Korea! This is turning out to be a great week already. Congratulations to Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123, Fairytale Maze 123, Dot-to-Dot Adventure and Happy Little Farmer!

World Loves Maths Monkey

Woohoo! Monkey Math - Jetpack Adventure made the top lists on the App Store in FOURTEEN countries. Kudos to our equation-solving, banana-throwing, treasure-hunting, world-saving monkey dude. We think he pretty much deserves a name at this point. Any suggestions? Let us know at facebook.com/GiggleUpApps or tweet us @GiggleUpApps!


We made it into The Guardian’s top picks!

It’s so rewarding to be recognised for trying to do the right thing. At the GiggleUp studio we’re always looking for ways to improve our apps to make sure they stay relevant to kids and their parents. So it is especially encouraging to see The Guardian pick out Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123 amongst the plethora of kids apps out there to include in their list of ‘best apps for kids from 2013′.
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Rainy Days: Inspiration Board

This week’s weather? CRAZY. We don’t think Melbourne cares that it’s supposed to be in spring. We’ve put together some things to inspire you on days like this. Stay in and make a hot chocolate, or take out the gumboots and make a splash! Or, for the high-achievers…dress your kid up as a rain cloud.

You can view the full details of all the items included here on our Pinterest.

Things Aren’t Always As They Seem



Ever wondered why rainbows and silver linings are especially beautiful? Something to think about as the week draws to a close. Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with love. 

(Credit: words taken from ‘What Faith Can Do‘ by Kutless.)



Ain’t that the truth.

Feeling Minty: Style Inspiration Board

Happy weekend! For those of you a few hours behind…it will come soon  This is just something fun that we started - a compilation of the things we’ve been oohing and ahhing over this week. Yes, it is admittedly girly…but we promise to have something for you dads too. Just later down the track.

You can view the full details of all the items included here on our Pinterest.

More Languages Coming Soon to Toddler Sound

We’re currently working on including more languages to Toddler Sound 123. Making our apps available across more parts of the world has always been important to us. Stay tuned to know when it is available in your language.

The Support Page is here!

It’s been a long time coming, but we are glad to finally offer you a support page here on the GiggleUp website. You will find a compilation of commonly asked questions regarding device issues and other helpful information. These comprise mainly of:

Helpful tips on how to use your device. We receive many emails inquiring about how to restart devices, iOS version compatibility and how to reinstall deleted apps.
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