Happy Little Farmer

Growing the fun way!

This happy little app teaches children where fruits and veggies come from, and more importantly, how they grow. Inside, you will find fun mini-games that mimic real-life activities for growing and gardening. Discover the science behind growing the fruits and vegetables you love to eat!

Rake, dig, trim, water - there are endless things to do on your very own farm. Quick, chase the bugs away before they eat all the leaves! Feed the hungry blue monster and pick all the veggies before they go bad. Drive the tractor to collect your harvest, and play with cute animals along the way.

Happy Little Farmer is an educational game that addresses the kiddie question: where do fruits and vegetables come from? Adding a fun and creative edge, these games help children to appreciate and learn about the world of nature.

Kid-friendly interface designed for small fingers
15 fun and educational games with more ways to play: tap, pinch, drag, tilt, and more
Choose from 12 different fruits and vegetables to grow
Beautiful original illustrations with interactive animations
Bonus treasure hunt game with heaps of stickers to collect
An original soundtrack comprising of favorite nursery rhymes
Parental lock for safe playing

Happy Little Farmer is fully available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian and Danish.*

(*Language availability may vary across app stores. Please check before purchasing.)

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