Kids Music Factory

Create real music!

Unleash the music genius in you! Whether you are looking to learn your do-re-mi’s or itching to create your next masterpiece song, this app has it covered. Learn to play traditional kids tunes on the piano in the traditional Keyboard Mode, or mix it up with monster, animal, and car sounds in Character Mode! Compose your own melodies and share them with family and friends. Perfect for beginners with heaps of room for creativity, Kids Music Factory is the new music toy that everyone can enjoy.

At first glance it looks just like a real music score - but look closer to spot fun new additions! Keyboard Modes allows you to explore with traditional notes by tapping on the keys and in Character Mode, you can drag and drop heaps of fun characters to compose tunes with hilarious, out-of-this-world sounds!

Learn how to play any song on the piano from the music library with the Tutorial Mode. Designed for beginners, it shows where each note is on the keyboard and keeps record of your personal best.

Kid-friendly interface designed for small fingers
Play and learn 20 sing-along classic nursery rhymes
Form a band with over 30 characters
Keyboard Mode: Compose as you play! Tap on a key and see the corresponding note appear on the score
Character Mode: Each character comes with a fresh sound and a fun animation
Tutorial Mode: Anyone can learn to play a song!
Record your own melodies and share it with family and friends
Many cool themes to choose from
Parental lock for safe playing

The App Store, ‘Best Apps & Games’ in the Kids Category

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