Toddler Sound 123

Flashcards for baby to touch and play

Touch, look, and listen: 360 sounds and images of animals, musical instruments, vehicles, and more. Simply tap to see the image of the object, hear its name spoken out and see it spelled across the screen. The perfect learning tool to add to your little one’s playtime.

Start the app and jump straight into the game - safe and simple. Adorable illustrations of the objects are shown on the screen, with tabs displayed across the bottom to allow jumping between categories. Tap on a picture and up pops a real-life photograph of that object, accompanied by the sound that it makes! That’s not all - each item has not one but 5 real pictures and sounds to keep the kids interested.

The high-definition pictures are bright and lively, and the audio sound quality is great. With 6 categories to choose from - including domestic animals, wild animals, musical instruments, vehicles, household objects, and sceneries - kids won’t tire of tapping and exploring through all the wonderful curiosities it has to offer. The musical instruments category is especially packed with fun. For every instrument, 5 different runs of musical tunes are played for you to listen and perhaps have a little jiggle to!

Protected learning environment with child-locks to all external links
Kid-friendly interface with easy navigation - play with just one tap!
360 HD photographs of objects in 6 categories (animals, musical instruments, transport, and more)
‘Sceneries’ category features famous sights from around the world
5 different pictures and sounds for each object
Beautiful original cartoon illustrations
High quality audio sounds

Toddler Sound 123 is fully available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Bokmål and Danish.*
(*Language availability may vary across app stores. Please check before purchasing.)

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