Dot-to-dot Adventure

Educational fun for the whole family

What it is

This fun lesson on letters and numbers can be enjoyed by the whole family, with fully customizable options making it suitable for toddlers and older kids alike. Go from one dot to the next in the correct sequence in order to reveal the mystery object. Terrific job! Now earn three stars to be rewarded with a cool pin badge - have a race with siblings and friends to see who will be the first to collect them all!

Every child learns at a different pace and this app allows him or her to do just that. You decide what they should learn - is the alphabet too easy for your toddler? Has your preschooler mastered counting and is ready for something a little more challenging, like the multiplications table?

Flexibility is key, but we've also kept things quick and easy - default settings have been built in so that you can simply enter your child's age and they can start playing straight away. You can always go back and change the settings to specifically tailor to your child's needs.

This app saves up to four players. That means everyone can have a go without anyone's badges getting deleted (and we all know how important that is!). It also means you save a few dollars with something the whole bunch can enjoy.

Inside Dot-to-dot Adventure:

  • 35 dot-to-dot puzzles
  • Cute illustrations of fun characters and objects - watch them come alive as you complete each puzzle!
  • Learn about numbers - progress from traditional counting to skip counting in multiples of 2 to 12
  • All about letters - know the alphabet inside and out by practising with uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Heaps of help options, including: dot hint, simple puzzles with less number of dots, and more
  • Create up to 4 player profiles
  • A badge board with collectable pin badges in every puzzle
  • Pleasant voice narration of letters and numbers, which can be switched on or off

Download Dot-to-dot Adventure once and play it on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Available in multiple languages, including: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, and Danish.

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