Awesome Memory Match

Fun Matching Game for Kids

What it is

Bursting with fun and educational features, kids will have a ball matching cute pictures of more than 170 objects while learning their names and what kinds of sounds they make. Flexibility is key, with adjustable play modes and difficulty levels to build confidence and offer exciting challenges for children of varying ages.

Parents have the choice between two play modes designed to cater to the different needs of toddlers and preschool children. In ‘Baby Mode', the cards stay upturned throughout the entire game. Players only need to match the same objects, after which the object's name will be spelled out and read aloud. ‘Normal Mode' works like any ordinary memory game, but with added features to help and to guide.

Both modes allow you to choose between multiple levels - from easy-peasy 2X2 small board all the way up to 7X4 giant board on iPad! Saved scores means no efforts are ever wasted and motivates players to beat their personal best.

Tip for the parents: You can limit the amount of time cards are displayed at the beginning of each game in the settings menu.


  • Child-friendly interface with no complicated menus
  • More than 170 objects to play and new words to learn
  • 11 categories: toys, vehicles, animals, food, kitchen, living room, flags, ocean creatures, shapes, alphabet and numbers.
  • Clear and pleasant voice guide spoken by native speakers
  • Available in 8 languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Swedish, Chinese Mandarin and Italian.
  • Adjustable game modes to suit different age groups
  • Multiple difficulty levels
  • Personal best scoring system
  • Beautifully illustrated original cartoons
  • Cheery background music track that can be easily switched on or off
  • For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

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