Toddler Maze 123

Amazing maze adventures for toddlers and preschoolers!

What it is

Find your way through the twist and turns to the finish line! Drive the ambulance to the hospital, help the little bear cub find his way home, or take a walk through the city’s underground sewers with the alligator, plus much more. Each maze is a new adventure, with lively illustrations, fun characters and heaps of animated objects to explore!

MAZES THAT GROW WITH YOUR CHILD Kids can enjoy playing with mazes at any age. Whether it is simply dragging an object from one side of the screen to the other, or completing a complex maze full of twists and turns, there is something here for everyone. Mazes increase in difficulty with each level, so there is always a new challenge to master!

UNIQUE ADVENTURES Every maze is different. Have a giggle at the silly situations and play with clapping seals, sailing goats, lost cubs, friendly mummies, and more! With numerous interactive objects to explore for each screen.

PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS The optional hint feature works to help young beginners get started. Tap once to reveal the path to the finish line!

DEVELOP MORE SKILLS Mazes are a great way for children to develop important learning skills on top of some playtime fun. The nature of maze games involve problem solving and helps to improve cognitive thought processes. Mazes can also teach kids about patience, are great for improving concentration, and helps with memory. Print out the mazes and practice on pen and paper to improve your child’s handwriting skills!


  • Child-friendly interface with no complicated menus
  • 20 unique mazes with different scenes and characters
  • Multiple levels of difficulty
  • Optional hint feature for younger learners
  • Printable mazes - send it to your email then print out straight away!
  • Delightful illustration with over 50 interactive animations to play
  • More than 20 original background music tracks that can be easily switched on or off

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