Preschool Maze 123

Amazing maze adventures for preschoolers!

What it is

Go on an adventure and meet jolly pirates, friendly aliens, dancing penguins and more, with all new original mazes! Navigate through more twists and turns to help the characters finish their journey and be careful not to miss any of the objects you need to collect along the way! Tap and discover the many delightful animations on every screen.

This time offering bigger challenges for young maze lovers, Preschool Maze 123 is designed to become progressively harder with each new maze you play. Children are encouraged to use their analytical skills to complete the mazes, which also help to improve concentration and memory.

Find the key that unlocks the pirate’s treasure chest! Look out for objects in the maze that need to be collected before you can cross the finish line. This requires children to backtrack, which adds to the fun and also works to practise cognition and logical skills. There are a number of cute characters to interact with on each screen, complete with funny animations and cool sound effects.

Print ‘em out and practise with pen and paper to improve those handwriting skills. All mazes can be easily printed out as a hardcopy, or emailed to a friend!


  • Attractive illustrations of interesting and lively characters, perfect for young children
  • 16 unique maze adventures
  • Heaps of animated objects to explore and interact
  • Multiple levels of difficulty
  • Printable mazes - send it to your email then print out straight away!
  • More than 20 original background music tracks that can be easily switched on or off

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      Children's Technology Review

This app helps develop children's spatial awareness and problem-solving skills. They won't always get it right the first time and will have to backtrack and make decisions about which direction to head.

- Web Child