Awesome Shape Puzzles 123

A fun way of learning first words for kids

What it is

Your very own library of cute animals, cool vehicles, fun musical instruments (and much, much more!) for learning and play. Have fun solving the puzzles and learn new words along the way!

  • Learn to identify shapes, lines and colors as you fill in the missing pieces. Choose the 'single piece' play mode to match missing objects to their correct place. Switch to 'easy puzzle' play mode for beginner puzzles (2-3 piece), and 'hard puzzle' (7-9 piece) for the bigger kiddies who are up for a challenge!
  • Play and learn about 7 categories of fun everyday words, including: shapes, alphabet letters, numbers, animals, fruits, vegetables, musical instruments, dinosaurs, sea creatures, toys, playground objects, vehicles and farm items
  • Put the missing pieces back to their correct places and see its name spelled out and read aloud
  • Pop the balloons every time you finish an entire scene
  • Collect stickers for your collection along the way
  • Learn it in a different language! Available in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, German and Italian.
  • For the parents:
    - An optional Demo Button that allows auto-fill which can be easily switched on or off
    - Ideal for children aged between 1 to 6

Puzzle games are a fun way for promoting development in problem solving skills as well as shape, pattern, and color recognition skills.

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