Happy Little Farmer

Growing the Fun Way!

What it is

Where do fruits and vegetables come from? Happy Little Farmer is a first-of-its-kind game that offers kids great hands-on learning with 15 exciting activities to do around the farm. Begin this journey with hungry monsters, fishing cows, and sleepy sheep, to find out the answer!


Discover different fun ways to grow fruits and vegetables!

1. Veggie Patch. What a mess! Put away all the rubbish and rake the soil - now the veggie patch is ready for planting! Which vegetables do you want to grow? Take your pick and plant the seed. Don't forget to water and watch out for the naughty little bugs. Watch with delight as your plants grow day by day. Soon it's time to collect your harvest. Great job!

2. Fruit Pot. Grow all kinds of yummy berries. Pour the soil into the pot and put in the sapling. Oh no! The bugs have eaten away the leaves. Time to trim away the bad parts. Snip snip! Whew. You have saved the day!

3. Wheatfield. Time to bring out the machines! Drive a tiller to clear out the drink cans and mushrooms. Go on a helicopter ride as you water the wheatfield. Harvest the crops in a cool combine tractor. There is so much to explore!


The fun doesn't just end there. In every scene there is a hidden surprise waiting to be found. Can you spot where it is? Collect all objects to create and customize your own rabbit house.


  • Child-friendly interface with no complicated menus
  • An original soundtrack comprising of favorite nursery rhymes including: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Five Little Ducks, If You're Happy and You Know It, and Ten in the Bed.
  • Beautiful original illustrations with interactive animations
  • 15 fun and educational games with more ways to play: tap, pinch, drag, tilt, and more
  • Choose from 12 different fruits and vegetables to grow
  • Bonus treasure hunt game with heaps of stickers to collect
  • NO advertising
  • NO in-app purchases