Interactive Telling Time

Learning to tell time is fun!

No question about it. Teaching young children how to read the time can be a challenging task. And often, it is about as confusing for the child as it is stressful for the adult. This content-rich app covers all the basics and tackles the hard questions as well, all in a fun and easy to understand approach aimed to both delight and educate young learners.

Ideal for children aged 4 to 12, this app comes in multiple game modes which together can teach young children to: use the hour and minute hands to read the time, translate between analogue and digital clocks, identify the basic clock components, understand the concept of day and night, and much more. Interactive Telling Time also comes with a tutorial mode that offers simple explanations for often complicated concepts – perfect for parents to use as a guide.

This app caters for every stage of the learning process, with five difficulty levels to choose from and a scoreboard to keep track of the child’s progress. Young players are encouraged to complete the set tasks in order to earn new items for their virtual aquarium. This app also comes complete with eight different clock designs, all beautifully drawn and with varying functions.

Kid-friendly interface designed for small fingers
High Quality  voice-overs recorded by real people
Mini-games designed to teach kids how to tell time
Adjustable game difficulty for varying learning needs
Auto-save scoreboard accessed under parents’ area
Interactive tutorial mode with easy to understand explanations
Items to collect for your virtual aquarium
8 unique clock designs with varying functions
Appealing original graphics
Pleasant music track that can be switched on or off
Parental lock for safe playing

Parents’ Choice Silver Award

The Australian, ‘Handy skills to teach your kids’

Interactive Telling Time is fully available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian and Danish.*
(*Language availability may vary across app stores. Please check before purchasing.)

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