Christmas Toy Clock

Countdown to Christmas!

On the first day of Christmas…I learned to read the time! Start the countdown to Christmas with this simple app that’s bursting with surprises. Teaching numbers and counting to your toddler is easy with fun interactive animations for them to tap and play.

Christmas Peekaboo Clock is child-friendly and intuitive, making it great for creative play for children going through early learning. Kids are introduced to numbers and simple counting from 1 to 10, how to read the time on a clock, as well as the concept of night and day.

Pleasant voice-overs gently instruct and encourage while the cheerful background music creates a lovely ambience for learning. A fantastic early-learning app that will make this Christmas even more delightful for your young toddler.

Kid-friendly interface with no complicated menus
Interactive animations to tap and explore
Simple introduction to numbers and counting
Clock basics and a simple introduction to time-telling
Popular Christmas tunes including ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’, ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’, ‘Silent Night’ and others
Parental lock for safe playing

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