Introducing: Dot-to-dot Adventure

23 MAY 2013

Dot-to-dot games make for perfect counting exercises. Even better, kids actually like playing them. Traditionally though, dot-to-dot games have been quite limited in their educational value and can get quite repetitive. We really wanted to make something with great variety - you can start off basic and then adjust the settings to become harder as you improve. A nice little surprise is when you finish the puzzle and the picture is revealed (this is the part that kids love most), and a simple animation helps brings it to life!

The look: 35 dot-to-dot puzzles that can be played over and over again by adjusting the settings to the many options available. Choose between basic counting, skip counting in multiples of 2 through to 12, alphabet letters, or all. Simply adjust the difficulty of the game by selecting the number of dots to play, switching the hints on or off, and more. Players collect badges on the way as a reward for their efforts. This app can save up to four players at a time, perfect for sharing between friends or siblings.

This app comes available in multiple languages and can be downloaded on the iPad