Introducing: Dot-to-dot Adventure

23 MAY 2013

Dot-to-dot games make for perfect counting exercises. Even better, kids actually like playing them. Traditionally though, dot-to-dot games have been quite limited in their educational value and can get quite repetitive. We really wanted to make something with great variety - you can start off basic and then adjust the settings to become harder as you improve. A nice little surprise is when you finish the puzzle and the picture is revealed (this is the part that kids love most), and a simple animation helps brings it to life! more >

Introducing: Monkey Math - Jetpack Adventure

15 APR 2013

Last week marks a monumental moment - we released our very first maths app. Sure, the subject doesn't sound too exciting, but picture this: a jetpack-wearing monkey flying across all kinds of strange terrains and defeating monstrous villains, all in the name of maths. We were determined to shake off the bore that surrounds numbers and all those plus and minus signs, and instead turn it into an adventure. We reckon we've succeeded, but we'll leave that up for you to decide! more >

Introducing: Preschool Maze 123

14 FEB 2013

We were very happy, to say the least, when Toddler Maze 123 received the Editor's Choice award by the Children's Technology Review last month. So as we got to work on a sequel, we were determined to get it right again. The features remain largely the same: uniquely individual maze puzzles, plenty of interactive elements to explore, plus bonus free printables. This time round, however, the mazes are slightly more challenging, aimed at kids in their preschool years. more >

Introducing: Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123

9 JAN 2013

We're kicking off the new year with a new edition of an old favorite! Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles 123 is the latest to join the GiggleUp jigsaw puzzles family, which includes some of our very first apps. We thought it'd be a nice idea to create a brand new app to add to this popular classic. It's got all of the goodies that made its predecessors such a hit with kids and parents: adjustable puzzle pieces (2-piece to 16-piece on the iPad), a hint button that lights up the picture and the names of the animals read aloud and spelled onscreen. more >

Introducing: Toddler Maze 123

13 NOV 2012

Maze games are a timeless favorite. We worked really hard to bring this old classic to life with many more opportunities for interaction - put more simply, more things for junior to tap! Toddler Maze 123 is really an introductory to mazes for younger children. The puzzles start off easy and matures in difficulty as you play on. It also includes a hint button that you can tap on to reveal the path to the finish line. more >